Styling Tips for Pulling Off the Athleisure Trend with Fitness Apparels

Gym is certainly not the ideal place where you can flaunt your favorite dresses to let the world see your fashionable side. But what if we could think beyond the ornate dresses and yet look the most stunning without much of an effort? Sounds crazy, right? Apparently not, if you already know about the latest athleisure trend that has been sported by many celebrities from Pop star Rihanna to supermodel Kendall Jenner. Now, though wearing your cool tees and pants might sound very cool to you, there are some considerations to make while rocking this style. Take a look.

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Consider wearing something comfortable

In the name of fashion and just look cool, do not try out something that you do not feel comfortable in. It will take you nowhere. Rather, choose something that suits your personality and makes you want to hit the gym every day and flatter your body shape. Take some cue from Gigi Hadid who wears her blue compression capris with grey pull over sweatshirt and white sneakers. So purchase some well-fir compression tees and pants from your fitness clothing manufacturers online.

Think color-blocking

Ditch your monotonous black and white fitness wardrobe for some bright and vibrant hues like red, blue, yellow and pink. Now mix and match the colors  and different clothes to turn heads for instance, a blue tank tee may go well with baby pink shorts. However, while choosing the shorts, make sure that they have in-built biker shorts which will give added comfort and functionality, making them perfect from any types of exercises from cycling to pile squats while allowing you to hit the street with your unmissed style. To check out sublimation printed tees, hoodies and leggings, you can visit gym apparel manufacturers online and find the most preferred ones at your doorstep.

Focus on details

Give a twist to your gym style by wearing a strappy active bra under an open back styled sweater tee. This will not only add to your breezy look but also give you enough comfort. You can also put on a sleeveless sublimation hoodies with long tights and running shoes to enhance your look.

To spruce up the stocks of retailers, many wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have come up with amazing options that are not only stylish but also functional at their best.

Learn How Fitness Manufacturing Industry Injects True Sportsman Spirits

Active wear apparel industry is changing the fitness history but fitness activists will be happy to learn the alterations. The three things all you pro sportsmen and hardcore gym goers must learn about the active gears and psychology behind them being not just functional but at its fashion best.

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Experts have always mentioned how clothing reflects individual taste and judge lifestyle but latest reports have recently and most interestingly suggested how athletic apparel precisely affects fitness. Extensive studies by researchers state fashionable sportswear consistently innovated by the sports clothing manufacturer are gaining majority. Popularly termed by researchers ‘enclothed cognition’ defines how expensive athletic or gym gears have initiated a trend of wearing sports or running wear prominently even in place like a grocery store or wherever it was earlier mocked. It also promotes notion of exercising with high regards. Researchers are of the opinion that, if one is wearing sports apparel or a go-to-gym garment, they start imbibing a sporty feeling and get active resulting in some honest workout sessions. Now that you have another reason to love being into long workouts sessions or sports, you should start checking your favorite gym clothing manufacturer for their latest fall fitness accessories as well.

Fall fitness accessories

Approaching autumn and winter demands a little extra care for your running and other sports work. To start with the list, tech gloves is one of best running accessory you must own. It has a soft and perspiration wicking fabric. This not only keeps your hands warm but also allows you handle accessories without friction. The hassle free or bow-free elastic lacing sports shoe so you run without unwanted breaks. Reflective beanie installed with thermo-conducive lining smartly retains body heat yet keep you dry. These were some new launches that you would love to team your sports apparel sets with.

Market growth of fitness manufacturers

As a general study, whether a sport clothing manufacturer or some gym apparel manufacturers; broadly under the active wear market, has grown over the years with 7 percent average as compared to the all round clothing segment, which has gained only 1 percent hike. Plus purchasers benefit from wholesale purchasing because they do not have to pay the retail price.