3 Reasons Why Wearing a Sports Bra While Working Out Is the Best

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A sports bra is a blessing of the fitness-fashion industry to the ladies all over the world. The sheer excellence in the design and the versatility offered by them makes them worth the buy. As most of us these days engage in online bra shopping.

online bra shopping

Here are three more reasons why you should wear a sports bra when working out.

  • The design of a sports bra resorts to providing complete support and comfort to you. It provides full coverage thus aiding movement without you having to be conscious.
  • The soft touch of the bra ensures ease of greatest sorts. Furthermore, they wick moisture and keep you dry even if you decide to take things a notch higher.
  • The sports bra comes in a variety of shades and textures that add to their overall design. From subtle undertones to vibrant hues, you will get anything and everything you want. Cutouts, razor backs and much more can also be purchased.

Thus, a sports bra is evidently the best pick for workout sessions. The bras are light in weight and durable. You can go on an online bra shopping spree with the latest collection of Alanic Activewear, a leading retailer of the same.

One Maxi Skirt And 5 Ways To Style Them: From Dinner Date to Meetings

Okay, let us take a moment and appreciate the fact that maxi skirts are back and are having a moment. They are not essentially 70’s or 90’s, but as slender as they are supposed to be. They have a charm about them that cannot be denied. The multitude in which they work is perfect for all situations and seasons to say the least. So be it for a summer travel or a winter wedding, they look elegantly versatile when coupled with the correct clothes. The possibilities of a maxi skirt are varied and intriguing. So today we dedicate an article to this fashionable clothing piece that is winning the hearts of many and setting fashion goals all over the world. Read on and find more in the list.

maxi skirt.png

  • The first look is essentially casual. So expect it to be a little over the edge. Pick a pleated maxi skirt that has a texture of its own and team it with a graphic tee. Finish your natural approach with a pair of sneakers. A sun glass that adorns the retro design and a sling bag will render you ready for a gathering with friends. If you feel the crisp in the air, then throw over a sleek leather jacket to look stunning.
  • Not confident about the outfit you have picked up for a date? Then go for something that will be sophisticated even in its principal form. A colour block maxi skirt combined with a solid crop top can help you make a stellar first impression. You can wear a pair of pumps to add more definition to your aesthetics. A chunky neck piece will be the perfect pick for accessories. A sling bag will definitely leave your date impressed.
  • For a formal approach, pick a maxi skirt in solid dark shade and tuck a white shirt. Wear a modest belt to highlight your silhouette. Footwear can be picked according to your convenience. So be it a pair of ankle length boots or pumps, the choice is yours. You can go for red lips and neutral eyes to stun all your colleagues when you walk in the office. custom clothing manufacturer are designing clothes that will help you up your fashion game.
  • If your friend is getting married and you are not up for a traditional bridesmaid dress, then experiment with a maxi skirt for it can never go wrong. To look effortless, tuck a striped top with a textured skirt that comes with pleats. Wear a pair of pumps to look elegant and mesmerising. You can tie your hair in a loose bun and go for nude makeup to avoid overdoing the look. However, red lips with defined lines will only amplify the appearance. Go easy on the accessories and let the skirt spun people with its swipe.
  • The last ensemble can work well for almost all occasions. So it requires you to team a red maxi skirt with a black sheer lace crop top. You can wear a black bra inside to oomph up your sex appeal. A pair of gladiators should be your only accoutrement. Leave the outfit in its original form and wait to be showered with compliments. Red lips and smokey eyes will give you a more defined look.

With a number of popular wholesale clothes suppliers, it is pretty evident that maxi skirts are the new ‘it’ product in the world of fashion. So take tips from the aforesaid as you make this noteworthy investment. If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase, then place your order online today to secure some attractive discounts.

Spice up Gym Look with Dark Grey Peppy Shorts Online from Alanic

Check out the dynamic designer range of dark grey peppy shorts for fashion loving fitness addicts at the online shopping destination, Alanic. The shorts flaunt an amazing length and line offering a flattering fit.

Dark Grey peppy shorts


With seamless design and construction, it conforms to the beautiful and sexy curves of a woman and enhances the style quotient, manifold. The use of technologically advanced fabrics adds on to the level of fitness and performance and vouches for optimal comfort and durability.

Featuring an elastic waistband, this sleek and zealous pair of shorts offers the perfect fit and moves with the body through various workout postures and positions in total ease. Looking supremely hot, the shorts can also be worn for post-workout activities such as running errands, meeting up a friend for brunch or impressing a hot date.

Add some pizzazz to your everyday gym look by replacing your old workout shorts with this great pair of shorts. Buy online and enjoy free shipping, prompt delivery and easy returns.

Shop for Fitness Apparel For Women Online That Moves with You from Alanic

Alanic, the premier workout apparel brand, has worked aggressively to blend the best of traditional activewear with new-age innovation and a touch of whimsy.

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If you are looking forward to taking your workouts to exciting new levels, check out fitness apparel for women that are flexible, functional and flattering, all at the same time. Alanic believes that workouts should be challenging and the clothes should be supportive and comfortable enough so that even the toughest workout regime seems like a breeze.

Whether swimming gets you going, running kick-starts your day or yoga helps you get through the day, Alanic has got all your exercise clothing needs covered. The clothes feature seamless design and technology preventing chafing of the skin and quickly absorb and evaporate moisture and sweat from the body so that throughout intense workouts, you feel breezy, cool and dry. Available in such beguiling colors, prints, patterns and motifs that it is sure to make workouts interesting and a lot of fun while being productive. Buy online from its huge collection and get awesome discounted deals.

Buy Exercise Clothes For Women Online From Alanic And Stay Hooked To Fitness!

Polish up your gym wardrobe with latest athleisure-inspired exercise clothes for women from the much-loved fitness apparel brand, Alanic. Take your pick from pulsating solids to high-energy prints and motifs.

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Fitness clothing designed by Alanic is aimed at filling you up with an adrenaline rush pushing you to work harder and go beyond your limits. Get the kick that you need to stay on track to live a healthy and active lifestyle with clothes that are designed to enhance your performance and fire up your everyday gym look to give you that extra push of motivation.

Working out has a lot to do with feeling good from within. Doesn’t shopping make you feel calm and happy even after a really rough day? It’s the same feeling!

Zing up your workout wardrobe with the addition of comfy and supportive sports bra in vivid, neon colors and mesh lining for better breath ability and strappy details for that element of fun, tank tops in vivacious colors and prints or see-through tanks to show off that flat stomach and enticing sports bra, gym pants that move with your body, shorts that you can even wear to the beach and so on. An enchanting fitness apparel range waits to be packed and shipped away!! Hurry up before someone else picks up all the cute ones!

3 Print Trends This Season

Prints are the flavor of this season. They have been around for some time now, and no longer carry the “retro” charm with them. You may wear simple printed stuff, or team prints with soft monotones, or you may even go for prints on prints—the latter, if you’re confident of carrying them around. And, since there’s literally a “prints galore” here on the runaway fashion circuit, many people tend to confuse and select wrong stuff to wear.

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Anyway, worry no more for we are here just to tell you the flavor of the season and what kind of prints can pull up your fashion score this Fall/Winter 2014. So, here you go—

  1. Polka Dots

You may never go wrong with polka dots. If you think polka dots in candy tones are indeed very childish, you may settle for those in neutral colors as well. Different intonations of polka dots make you appear sleek and stylish too. You may check out the custom apparel manufacturers to give in your inputs as well.

  1. Florals

No; the idea of getting a floral printed dress in soft hues has receded to the background. Now it is the time to settle for prints in bold colors over bold, contrast colors.Buy dresses online to stack your wardrobe with fresh fashion.And, if the fabric is silk, then no one can stop you from being a diva! Do check out the custom design clothing manufacturers for that one piece which speak out loud your style and attitude.

  1. Animal Prints

They have been around for quite some time now but their craze hasn’t yet receded to the background. Be it leopard print, tiger print, zebra print or simple bird printed apparel, you can be a diva always in them. But be sure you don’t turn up in animals from head to toe. Check out the custom clothing manufacturers USA for more ideas and options!

The top trends in women’s fashion

Every new year throws upon a bouquet of new trends in the fashion scene. The women’s fashion scene in particular are more open to spontaneous changes than their male counterpart. The year 2014 did start on a positive note with a number of international fashion weeks already making their presence felt in the international fashion circuit. In line with that, there are a few new trends that have emerged and might very well dominate the fashion scene this year. These trends include:

Women's Fashion

Lace cuts

Lace cuts are the in things in the fashion scene with a number of designers experimenting with laser cuts and lace recently. The edgy designs are necessarily contemporary with a host of celebrities already taking a liking for the chic patterns.

Oxblood patterns

Oxblood patterns sees an amalgamation of bold colors which features in both the mens’ and women fashion wears. Some of the top designers of the New York Fashion Week have been seen flaunting their creations which necessarily are endowed with oxblood patterns.


Plaids have again found their place of reverence among the fashion elites. Often deemed as the choice of the individualists, plaid os making a comeback in the fashion circuit with aplomb. The major reason for the resurrection of plaid patterns is the successful running of plaid patterns in the fall winter collection of major designers at the end of 2013. It has started 2014 on a positive note and looks set to dominate the fashion scene this year.

Given the context of some upcoming fashion weeks of reverence, there is a chance that additions to the new trend sets will happen. The fashion enthusiasts are not complaining though as the number of new trends have given them a chance to experiment with their wardrobe a tad further.