3 Reasons Why Wearing a Sports Bra While Working Out Is the Best

online bra shopping

A sports bra is a blessing of the fitness-fashion industry to the ladies all over the world. The sheer excellence in the design and the versatility offered by them makes them worth the buy. As most of us these days engage in online bra shopping.

online bra shopping

Here are three more reasons why you should wear a sports bra when working out.

  • The design of a sports bra resorts to providing complete support and comfort to you. It provides full coverage thus aiding movement without you having to be conscious.
  • The soft touch of the bra ensures ease of greatest sorts. Furthermore, they wick moisture and keep you dry even if you decide to take things a notch higher.
  • The sports bra comes in a variety of shades and textures that add to their overall design. From subtle undertones to vibrant hues, you will get anything and everything you want. Cutouts, razor backs and much more can also be purchased.

Thus, a sports bra is evidently the best pick for workout sessions. The bras are light in weight and durable. You can go on an online bra shopping spree with the latest collection of Alanic Activewear, a leading retailer of the same.

3 Varieties of Fitness Pants You Should Do Away With

Wasn’t much of a hassle few years back when they were limited in varieties; but that’s not the case today. Today, fitness pants for women & men are available in abundant of varieties, which make buying a perfect piece for yourself a difficult task. While some varieties are really outstanding, others are no less than big blunders of top fitness clothing brands.

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Here are 3 varieties of fitness bottoms that you should stay away from (or throw them away if you already wardrobe them)-

  • Sublimated fitness pants  

    Too colorful and busy, sublimated pants might look cool and wow-worthy at the parties; wear them to the gym and stay ready to win giggles from your workout buddies. Keep your look to the minimal; nothing too fancy. Go with the simple and plain varieties.

  • Satin-made pants  

    Satin-made pants could be a real plain if you’re planning to run or workout for longer. Inept in wicking and ventilation, you’ll be panting and sweating buckets within minutes. Buying fitness pants with high wicking and breathing properties should be your foremost priority.

  • Tight fitness pants 

    Admittedly, women’s leggings are tight, and so are many varieties of men’s fitness pants. While it may offer a neat fitting, wearing too-tight pants is bad for one’s health. So avoid wearing anything too squeezy, especially for running.

These are 3 varieties of fitness pants for women and men that you should stay away from. Without suggesting you to stick to standard and cliche range, go with the varieties with which you’re individually comfortable in. And please prioritise style a bit less.

Rise Of Online Fitness Clothing Brands, Why Is That Beneficial To You, the Customer?

With athleisure trend winning brownie points with the fitness addicts, there is no way but up for the active wear market. Studies even suggest that by 2019, sports and fitness clothing industry alone is going to be an $8 billion worth market. And the competition is intensifying among apparel retailers as the consumer demands continue to exponentially rise for better-looking, performance-enhancing workout clothing and accessories.

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Shopping is Becoming Increasingly Mobile

If you are an avid internet surfer and social media addict, then you must have noticed that the number of online retailers are increasing by the day. Everyday there is a new brand campaigning across various online and social media platforms to attract customers with great promise of discounts, great quality and style of products. Online fitness clothing brands are increasingly crazily, thanks to change in consumer purchasing habits. A steady decline in mall traffic has been noted that has been affecting the sales of brick-and-mortar stores greatly. All the renowned sportswear and fitness clothing brands are also joining this online revolution lest they be left out and face huge losses.

This is Good News for Customers

The rise of online fitness clothing brands is great news for fitness enthusiasts and athletes as well as fashionistas because now they can shop all they want at just a click of the mouse. The products are delivered right till the doorstep and customers can enjoy such amazing discounts, sales and promo codes. There is something for all kinds of shoppers at the online stores and the brands are going all out to entice the customers.

All those who still haven’t acquainted themselves with the perks and convenience of online shopping, it is highly suggested that they do. Industry heavyweights even predict that down the line, it is only going to be e-commerce stores. So, hurry up because your gym wear wardrobe sure needs a makeover and your boring gym sessions need a heavy dose of excitement!

Spice up Gym Look with Dark Grey Peppy Shorts Online from Alanic

Check out the dynamic designer range of dark grey peppy shorts for fashion loving fitness addicts at the online shopping destination, Alanic. The shorts flaunt an amazing length and line offering a flattering fit.

Dark Grey peppy shorts


With seamless design and construction, it conforms to the beautiful and sexy curves of a woman and enhances the style quotient, manifold. The use of technologically advanced fabrics adds on to the level of fitness and performance and vouches for optimal comfort and durability.

Featuring an elastic waistband, this sleek and zealous pair of shorts offers the perfect fit and moves with the body through various workout postures and positions in total ease. Looking supremely hot, the shorts can also be worn for post-workout activities such as running errands, meeting up a friend for brunch or impressing a hot date.

Add some pizzazz to your everyday gym look by replacing your old workout shorts with this great pair of shorts. Buy online and enjoy free shipping, prompt delivery and easy returns.

Shop for Fitness Apparel For Women Online That Moves with You from Alanic

Alanic, the premier workout apparel brand, has worked aggressively to blend the best of traditional activewear with new-age innovation and a touch of whimsy.

womens active wear

If you are looking forward to taking your workouts to exciting new levels, check out fitness apparel for women that are flexible, functional and flattering, all at the same time. Alanic believes that workouts should be challenging and the clothes should be supportive and comfortable enough so that even the toughest workout regime seems like a breeze.

Whether swimming gets you going, running kick-starts your day or yoga helps you get through the day, Alanic has got all your exercise clothing needs covered. The clothes feature seamless design and technology preventing chafing of the skin and quickly absorb and evaporate moisture and sweat from the body so that throughout intense workouts, you feel breezy, cool and dry. Available in such beguiling colors, prints, patterns and motifs that it is sure to make workouts interesting and a lot of fun while being productive. Buy online from its huge collection and get awesome discounted deals.

Buy Exercise Clothes For Women Online From Alanic And Stay Hooked To Fitness!

Polish up your gym wardrobe with latest athleisure-inspired exercise clothes for women from the much-loved fitness apparel brand, Alanic. Take your pick from pulsating solids to high-energy prints and motifs.

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Fitness clothing designed by Alanic is aimed at filling you up with an adrenaline rush pushing you to work harder and go beyond your limits. Get the kick that you need to stay on track to live a healthy and active lifestyle with clothes that are designed to enhance your performance and fire up your everyday gym look to give you that extra push of motivation.

Working out has a lot to do with feeling good from within. Doesn’t shopping make you feel calm and happy even after a really rough day? It’s the same feeling!

Zing up your workout wardrobe with the addition of comfy and supportive sports bra in vivid, neon colors and mesh lining for better breath ability and strappy details for that element of fun, tank tops in vivacious colors and prints or see-through tanks to show off that flat stomach and enticing sports bra, gym pants that move with your body, shorts that you can even wear to the beach and so on. An enchanting fitness apparel range waits to be packed and shipped away!! Hurry up before someone else picks up all the cute ones!

Get Hold Of Stylish Womens Clothing To Rock The Summer Festivals Like The Celebs

No matter what celebs wear, or the models flaunt at the run ways, they tend to become the biggest fashion hits. So, all the fashion-forward women, what are you waiting for? It is time to pose and get yourself clicked like your favourite celebs, carrying a head-turning appeal. There’s no secret that that top-notch global designers are crafting magnanimous collections of outfits to rock the summer festivals, and hence, the retail stores are overflowing with exquisite clothing inventory. Hurry up and visit your favorite womens clothing online shopping site to grab the best!



1. Kate Bosworth

With cut outs becoming the ultimate trend now, Kate Bosworth decided to flaunt cool yet chic look in a an abstract cut out short romper. The black base color with white motifs all over, chunky necklace and sleek platforms , lends her an edgy look.


2. Ashley Madekwe

Render the much needed summer-spin to your closet with a denim shortail just like Ashley Madekwe. She was seen sporting a very sporty look with a classic blue denim shortail, over a an off-shoulder printed crop top for a dash of panache. Instead of boots, do the sneakers her for the finishing of the get-up!


3.Camilla Belle

What gets better than an easy-breezy boho chic look on a summer afternoon ? Camilla Belle does this with perfect flair in a geometric printed loose fit midi dress, on base color pink. The fringed bag with chunky accessories and beige colored strapped sandals provide refined finesse to the free spirited look! Thus next time while doing online shopping for clothes make sure to add a Boho dress to your shopping cart!


4. Julianne Hough

Do you love the double denim look but confused on how to do it? Trash your worries and follow Julianne Hough for the right denim-o-denim get up. She does a chambray shirt in light blue wash tucked in with a tattered denim shorts in a slightly darker shade. With grey booties and junk collar necklace, she turns the heat up on a sunny-summer day!


5. Jamie Chung

Jamie does a very tomboyish look with feminine poise with a printed tank to tucked into high wasted rigged denims and leather booties. The girly flavor is added by a pink leather moto jacket. You can carry this look not only at day, but at night too directly to the club!


Getting the celebrity-inspired look is no big deal in this world today. The designers and retailers are collaborating to gift you the best, and you can easily find them at the womens clothing online stiores at cheap rates without any hassle.