One Maxi Skirt And 5 Ways To Style Them: From Dinner Date to Meetings

Okay, let us take a moment and appreciate the fact that maxi skirts are back and are having a moment. They are not essentially 70’s or 90’s, but as slender as they are supposed to be. They have a charm about them that cannot be denied. The multitude in which they work is perfect for all situations and seasons to say the least. So be it for a summer travel or a winter wedding, they look elegantly versatile when coupled with the correct clothes. The possibilities of a maxi skirt are varied and intriguing. So today we dedicate an article to this fashionable clothing piece that is winning the hearts of many and setting fashion goals all over the world. Read on and find more in the list.

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  • The first look is essentially casual. So expect it to be a little over the edge. Pick a pleated maxi skirt that has a texture of its own and team it with a graphic tee. Finish your natural approach with a pair of sneakers. A sun glass that adorns the retro design and a sling bag will render you ready for a gathering with friends. If you feel the crisp in the air, then throw over a sleek leather jacket to look stunning.
  • Not confident about the outfit you have picked up for a date? Then go for something that will be sophisticated even in its principal form. A colour block maxi skirt combined with a solid crop top can help you make a stellar first impression. You can wear a pair of pumps to add more definition to your aesthetics. A chunky neck piece will be the perfect pick for accessories. A sling bag will definitely leave your date impressed.
  • For a formal approach, pick a maxi skirt in solid dark shade and tuck a white shirt. Wear a modest belt to highlight your silhouette. Footwear can be picked according to your convenience. So be it a pair of ankle length boots or pumps, the choice is yours. You can go for red lips and neutral eyes to stun all your colleagues when you walk in the office. custom clothing manufacturer are designing clothes that will help you up your fashion game.
  • If your friend is getting married and you are not up for a traditional bridesmaid dress, then experiment with a maxi skirt for it can never go wrong. To look effortless, tuck a striped top with a textured skirt that comes with pleats. Wear a pair of pumps to look elegant and mesmerising. You can tie your hair in a loose bun and go for nude makeup to avoid overdoing the look. However, red lips with defined lines will only amplify the appearance. Go easy on the accessories and let the skirt spun people with its swipe.
  • The last ensemble can work well for almost all occasions. So it requires you to team a red maxi skirt with a black sheer lace crop top. You can wear a black bra inside to oomph up your sex appeal. A pair of gladiators should be your only accoutrement. Leave the outfit in its original form and wait to be showered with compliments. Red lips and smokey eyes will give you a more defined look.

With a number of popular wholesale clothes suppliers, it is pretty evident that maxi skirts are the new ‘it’ product in the world of fashion. So take tips from the aforesaid as you make this noteworthy investment. If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase, then place your order online today to secure some attractive discounts.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers Are an Independent Designers Best Friend

Are you an independent designer? Interested in opening your own boutique store or clothing retail store? Do not want to take on the hassles of manufacturing the garments yourself? The solution to your problem is wholesale clothing manufacturers and suppliers. If you are wondering how, keep reading.


wholesale clothing suppliers

No Need to Set-up a Manufacturing Facility

If you are a first-time business owner and do not wish to get your capital tied up in setting up a manufacturing unit along with your own boutique store, then turn to reputed manufacturers and wholesale clothing suppliers . Manufacturing companies have access to large manufacturing units equipped with latest technology and production techniques. They are also able to handle bulk order like a pro. You can let them handle all the hassle of manufacturing the product that you wish to send! Since they indulge in in-house manufacturing chances are that they will be offering you with a wide assortment of finished products to choose from. You can simply select and place your order and purchase large quantities for your store at wholesale prices.


Custom Clothing Options Available

Most manufacturing companies offer custom clothing options and private label programs. You can create your own brand with their assistance and expertise. They already have a team of designers working under them and all you have to do is present your design idea for the product that you wish to sell and they will take care of the rest. Just get in touch with any one of the reputed ones and give in a drawing or sketch of what you envision your product line to look like so that their designers can start working on it.


Cost-effective and Saves Time

A lot of independent designers get caught up in wanting to do everything single-handedly. If you are good at designing fashion, sports or fitness apparel, just stick to that and let the expert clothing manufacturers handle the rest. They have the required knowledge, technology and space for the manufacture of huge quantity of products. Entering into a partnership with a prominent manufacturer and supplier will ensure that you are delivered with quality product on time, every time.


Get in touch with wholesale clothing suppliers China and give your clothing business a kick-start to achieve huge success!


5 Things to Remember While Ordering Custom Clothing

Custom clothing is more popular these days, especially among men and women who like to wear apparels that are out of the ordinary. These are the types of stuffs that are needed by people who do not like ready made stuffs for some reason, either due to lack of versatility or innovation or due to a different body type among other causes. Before ordering outfits from custom clothing manufacturers for your apparel store, you need to keep these 5 things in mind.


custom clothing.jpg

How long do the deliveries take?

If you are simply outsourcing the customization orders to any of the custom clothing manufacturers Australia, you need to know how long the deliveries take. Your customers will get restless and might even cancel orders if you are unable to deliver orders to them within time. Naturally, you need to ensure you are choosing one of the better custom clothing manufacturers Australia yourself.


Samples speak thousand words!

Most wholesale custom clothing manufacturers are ready to offer samples of their past works, and you can be more or less certain about the quality of fabrics, design, colors etc in the dresses that are ordered. Look for samples of previous dropship custom clothing orders from your supplier beforehand.


Do not forget the style factor

Other than ensuring quality customization, you should also make sure that the custom clothing wholesale manufacturer offer stylish customizations. Customers need that little bit of extra zing in the outfits that they order. Whether in sublimation printing or the choice of accessories, the style factor is essential to consider. Check the past works of the supplier and make sure that they are stylish enough.


The cost factor is important

Despite the coming of so many custom clothing suppliers that handle customization orders, rates for custom orders vary sharply across the spectrum. Naturally, it is a good idea to clarify the rates beforehand. Get the quotes mailed to you or handed over to you in printed copies, which can be used as a reference at some point. By ordering wholesale custom clothing, you can be assured of lowering your expenses and offering better options to your customers.


Reputation stands as a guarantee

Finally, you should not forget to check whether the company you are entrusting with custom clothing design Australia is a reputed one. Whether you are ordering custom clothing China, US, UK or Australia, you can be assured of proper service with a reputed provider.

3 Reasons That Has Made Custom Clothing Manufacturing Gain Prominence

There’s no need to search far and wide! Custom clothing has strengthened its foothold successfully over the past few years. It’s everywhere. From the customized gym apparels to the customized employee uniforms and shirts, every company that wants to pronounce its brand name in creative and unique ways, opts in for custom clothing. If yours is a sports club or a dancing academy, and you want you to enhance your brand awareness activities, then joining hands with a custom clothing manufacturer will be a smart decision. However, it is interesting to know what has made this process so famous.

 custom clothing manufacturing

When analyzed in all its wholeness, custom clothing manufacturing has gained it foothold strongly over the past few years owing to three crucial reasons. They are:

  • Manufacturing houses provide huge variety and innovative design – The leading manufacturing houses of custom clothing today provides a wholesome range of clothing alternatives, regardless of whether you are selecting shirts for your employees or rowing shorts for your rowing club members. Furthermore, the size and fit can also be personalized. In addition to that, the manufacturing houses are clued into the latest style trends that help them to design and deliver fashionable clothing. They also keep in adding new varieties to their existing clothing line.
  • Helps to add in the company logo – Manufacturing houses with their years of experience can customize a brand logo in the clothing line smartly and with finesse, so that it’s visible in a seamless way.
  • Manufacturing houses provide attractive package deals – On receiving bulk orders from retailers, companies and gym owners the manufacturing houses provides a package deal or discounted price that makes the overall cost reasonable.

The leading custom clothing manufacturers are available online today. After browsing through their website you can email your bulk order and expect timely delivery.