Stock Up on Tennis Apparel that Combines Athleticism and Fashion

If you wish to stay in shape, play tennis. This sport requires both muscular as well as cardiovascular endurance in addition to a certain amount of finesse. There are some who indulge in this sport just for the love of it and there are others who turn their passion into a prosperous career. Now, tennis might be inexpensive and may not require years of training unlike other sports, but that does not mean that the whole experience cannot be made for fun and exciting. To start with, tennis too requires players to dress up a certain way in order to play their best. Look at Andy Murray or Novak, Maria Sharapova or Ana Ivanovic if you don’t believe us when we say that the clothes that a player wear is just as important as the skill and talent that one is showcasing on the field.


Stock Up on Tennis Apparel that Combines Athleticism and Fashion

Apparel Worn by Tennis Players:

Since tennis requires a lot of movement, the right kind of tennis clothing wholesale is required for ultimate comfort.



Men wear shorts when playing tennis and a lot of women players too are seen adorning this trend for the simple reason that it is comfortable and comes with pockets to hold balls. Compression shorts are another popular choice. The shorts are made of moisture wicking fabric and cause no chafing of the skin even after rigorous movement.



Women have traditionally worn skirts and even today a lot of them adorn skirts. Made of breathable, spandex materials, the skirts are worn well above the knee so that there is no restriction to movement. Skirts have sort of become like a style statement that Maria Sharapova so casually flaunts.


T-shirts and Tops:

Men are seen wearing printed or solid colored tees in half sleeve or sleeveless styles. The tees are usually crew, V or round neck. As for women, they prefer to look a bit more stylish. Tanks and sexy tops dominate the field in lovely, attention-grabbing colors that flatters their body and makes them confident to face the opponent.


To experience the true joy of tennis, players ought to have the right tennis gear and that does not only limit to equipment. Stylish and comfortable apparel goes a long way in helping players look sharp and play their best. Tennis team wear manufacturing houses can assist you in creating stunning tennis clothes for your players. Even retailers can stock up by placing bulk order.


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