Celebes Sizzling In Thing-High Slit Dresses Crafted By Leading Wholesale Apparel Vendors

It is time to forget the cleavage baring and body con dresses to show off your best assets, as flaunting of your toned legs is the new craze in fashion today. Yes, we are talking about the oh-so-famous thigh-high slit dresses which are donned by the ramp models and celebs in almost every public appearance . Initiated by Angelina Jolie in 2012 Academy Awards, in a black velvet thigh high slit gown, this trend has become one of the most iconic fashion statements of the recent times. Fashion-forward women can easily adopt this style quotient as the leading wholesale apparel vendors are crafting them in a myriad of options and sprucing up the stocks of the retailers.


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Let us explore the best thigh-high slit dresses pulled off by the celebs in different occasions:


Khloe Kardashian

Following the footsteps of her sister, Khloe was seen wearing a body hugging full-sleeve black dress with thigh-high slit , looking absolutely sensuous. The body con fit and the slit emerged out to add poise to her demeanor.


Cara Delevingne

She flaunted her slim legs at an event in a forest green colored silky sleeveless gown with minimal use of accessories. The prominent apparel manufacturers USA companies are introducing these dresses in a range of fabrics and cuts for your convenience.


Miranda Ker

At the Golden Globes red carpet, this beauty was witnessed in a wine red colored silky and glossy gown with thigh-high slit , equipped with deep plunging neckline to add sexiness to her attire!


Heidi Klum

At the red carpets of Emmy awards function, Heidi showed off her ramp ready legs to the world in a sea foam gown with deep neckline adding poise to her whole silhouette. Like her, you can also go for light and flowing fabrics to reflect your feminine side.


Nina Dobrev

A little more skin show was initiated by this celeb in a blue sequined glittery off shoulder dress with a sleek thigh -high slit! The glossiness of the blue shade added to the appeal of the gown!


Eva Longoria

Channeling a sizzling gown at the Golden Globe awards, this star was spotted wearing a half lace and half silk thigh-high slit dress in alluring black! Not to forget the cut near her chest , adding edge to her cleavage!


Carrie Underwood

At the Grammy awards red carpet, Carrie went bold and beautiful in a black bandeau dress ,with silky and flowy silhouette and a high rising thigh slit.


Lady Gaga

Again at the prestigious Grammy awards, Lady Gaga who is known for her eccentric fashion sense, wore a blue colored embellished thigh-high slit dress with a jacket like structure.

Thus with the apparel suppliers USA companies introducing slit dresses, you can get the look of a damsel effortlessly!

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