5 Reasons Flannel Shirts Are Popular Among Women

Flannel shirts are useful and have a lot practical uses, while they are also fun to wear. Women love them to bits, and they know that they look good in shirts made of flannel fabric. These keep them warm and add that extra zing to their personality that makes them shine among the members of the opposite sex. You can buy these for the female customers of your online apparel store and rest assured that these will be lapped up by them. Find out 5 main reasons that make flannel shirts manufacturers  a hit among women.
Brown and White Shirt Flannel Dress Manufacturer & Wholesaler In USA & UK

These are warm and comfortable

These shirts can keep women warm and comfy, especially during the winter season. Wearing these beneath their jackets or coats can keep them warm enough, and keep chills out. Even when it is raining and there is a slight nip in the air, a flannel shirt can be sufficient from chilly gusts of wind from time to time.


These are durable

When compared to a standard wool sweater, these are longer lasting in form. Flannel is a rough and tight fabric and can last longer than you may think. It might not be a cover from rain, but certainly a good first barrier between the skin and the cold winds blowing outside. The durability makes wholesale men’s shirts flannel so popular.


These make casual fashion statement

Such types of shirts also score high on the fashion front. Women can team these up with heels and a matching skirt and go shopping, visit friends in the vicinity or even go on a cross country trip in a car. This is slightly non-traditional apparel and is fun to wear. Such kinds of shirts can be matched with earthy clothing as well as high-class fabrics. Many wholesale suppliers get orders from women customers today more than men.

These are available in different versions

Flannel shirts are available today in different versions. There are long-sleeved, hooded and even sleeveless shirts made of flannel fabric to be found today. Lots of manufacturers incorporate multiple pockets in the sides and front and accessories such as beads, laces and small chains to make them more attractive. In some places, such as in the outskirts, these enjoy higher sales than sublimation tee shirts wholesale as a result.


These are affordable

The coming of lots of manufacturers has pushed prices down, and these shirts can be availed at lower costs these days. The affordability of the shirts is another big reason why it is popular among women.

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