Apparel Distributors Benefit Out Of The Unification With BPMA

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) was set up to oversee and endorse best practices in the sourcing, producing and distribution of promotional garments and accessories, and it has emerged as UK’s premier industry body that business owners can rely on for all their bulk requirements of customized promo clothing. BPMA is an accepted authority in the advertising merchandise industry and represents more than 600 members.


bpma clothing2


Exposure to Suppliers

In this highly competitive market, it would be extremely difficult to meet end-buyers. The BPMA suppliers have this unique advantage over other suppliers as BPMA offers them with a platform to showcase their products and reach out to wholesale buyers. It also organizes various trade and road shows so that all its members are able to get the maximum exposure and advantage on being a part of this prestigious association.

One-Stop Solution

The BPMA members specialize in providing complete, one-stop solutions to small to large-scale business owners looking to incorporate promotional clothing as a part of their marketing mix. Businesses can find manufacturers that have in-depth knowledge about fashion, sports and fitness and can design premium quality, custom-made apparel for men, women and kid’s. Online clothes shopping is gaining momentum like never before the products can be easily personalized with the logo, brand name or any advertising message that the bulk buyer desires. Doing business with one of the BPMA companies means that there is nowhere else that one would have to look!

Outstanding Services at Humble Rates

The BPMA distributors offer the small-scale businesses a chance to compete with the big giants by offering extraordinary services and products at wholesale rates. Business owners can take a deep breath thinking that one of the suppliers of BPMA is handling their order of voluminous amount.

BPMA offers wonderful advantages to both business owners and promotional garment manufacturers and suppliers. Think about them for any wholesale requirement in UK.

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