Golf Clothes Manufacturers Blend Comfort With Classy Design

Whoever has seen a golf game in progress, would swear by one thing – That it has class! This class does not merely come from the way the game is played or its poised posture only. Much of it also comes from the golf team wear that in the modern times has become a blend of fashion and utility. It’s been a while that style made its presence felt in sports, and the game of golf isn’t lagging behind either. Therefore, if you are the head of a golf team or you own a golf club, then you can certainly consider bulk purchasing attractive golf apparels from leading manufacturing houses.

 golf team wear clothing

Today, the leading golf clothes manufacturers have been experimenting with a rich colour palette and innovative designs to customize golf uniforms. They design and manufacture:

  • Polo T-Shirts – Made from a premium blend of nylon and brushed cotton fabric, golf Polo T-Shirts can be customized in the perfect fit and size of the members. It comes with short sleeves, notched collars and allows complete ventilation and body agility.
  • Towels- Recently, manufacturing houses have been working towards making the golf towels eye-catching by adding vibrant colour shades, stunning designs and by experimenting with multi-layer prints that does not fade the colour with regular use.
  • Jackets – The classiest of all! Golf jackets come in full sleeves and tight body fit and is perfect to be worn during practice sessions during winters or otherwise when the climate is cooler. It drapes the body perfectly, without being too loose or tight and allows scopes for comfortable breathing.
  • Caps- Available in a vibrant colour range, golf caps have adjustable head bands, protective rims and protect the wearer from the harsh sun rays.

Locating a reputed golf team-wear supplier is easy today. They have their websites where you can browse through the collection and then place the bulk order by sending an email.


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