Varsity Jackets – An Overview of Letterman Jackets

Students of high schools and colleges in the US follow a custom of wearing specialized jackets known as varsity jackets. Known more popularly as letter man jackets, these are bought from varsity jacket manufacturers and customarily sported to symbolize the educational institution that a student belongs to. These outfits display the team pride and also the individual awards won by the student in education, sports and other activities.

Varsity Jacket

Reason behind the Name

Varsity jackets owe their name to the varsity letter chenille patch placed on the left breast region. The patch generally consists of the first letter or the initials of the institution that the outfit is supposed to represent. The colors generally match that of the letter. The positioning of the name of the institution and the year of graduation generally depends on the custom of the institution. The year is usually sewn by varsity jackets suppliers on the right sleeve or on the right pocket. Lettermen participating in a championship team often get a large patch that is a symbol of commemoration of their championship. The patch is traditionally worn over the rear side of the jacket.

Color and Material of the Jackets

These kinds of jackets from varsity jackets supplier are usually made in the colors of the school. The body or torso section of these outfits is usually constructed out of boiled wool. The sleeves are made of leather with waistband and banded wrists. The body of the dresses is made in the primary color of the schools and the sleeves are constructed in a secondary color. The dresses usually come with a banded collar for males and a hood for females.

These types of jackets are generally used as an effective tool for promoting a brand. In the event that you have a business that is related with recognizable items, you will be able to make your brand grow more and more popular with the passage of time. Designer accessories as well as garments from varsity jacket supplier can create this impact.

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